american women are horrible

Monday, June 12, 2006

More and more what you are going to keep finding at an alarming rate is that men do not want a relationship, per say, with American women anymore- be it a steady girlfriend (live-in or otherwise) and certainly not marriage, because women today simply do not "get it." Women in 2006 are too demanding, far too critical, want independence (what they really mean is complete unaccountability for their actions) while using men as a finacial safety net. They want a man to be "traditional," yet seemed to have lost touch with reality.. bizarrely oblivious to the fact that if you want a man to play the traditional role, you would have to play the traditional counterpart. Now women are far to bossy, self absorbed and self centered- in addition to all of the traditional negatives of women; pettiness, cattiness, manipulative, confusing sex with love, grossly superficial (any and all value of everything is simply in it's appearence) irrational, let their emotions dictate even the most important decisions resulting in disaster, (in direct contridiction to the fantasy on T.V. that makes women appear "intelligent" and "wise") feel they are "above" critism, completely fake "niceness" (just to get in the door like a salesman) .. my god, the list goes on forever! The point is, there is nothing even like-able about women today, much less loveable. Feminism destroyed marriage, the family, the business world, religion- you name it- because it was flawed from the very beginning, and is a fraudulant concept. Not only is there absolutely nothing that a man can gain from a "realtionship" of any kind with an Amercan woman, it is now down right dangerous and stupid to marry an American woman- she's just going to dump you when the wind starts blowing a different direction through her head (fickle) then ass rape you in divorce court, while making false accusations of god knows what- American women today, no matter what they look like, are hideous monsters; the most god-awful, most horrible plague in human history. (Yet keep cluelessly chugging along in their own little fantasy world of wedding magazines and shopping malls). Therefore American men are turning their backs on American women. You're the gas-guzzling, oil dripping, noisey, oversized, and high maintenance 1973 Chevy Impala nobody wants. Read the stories of American women taking jobs in foreign countries and finding that no man outside of the U.S. wants anything to do with them! And let's face it, women are just too insane to face reality.. but there is hope- thanks to the internet and the world becoming "smaller" everyday, it's easier to meet QUALITY women who are actually marriage material.. the difference between women from many other countries and American women is the difference between a well balanced, home cooked meal and a meal at McDonald's- like McDonald's, American women are nothing more than junk- and it's bad for you and will kill you- though it's legal to sell trash food- it's dangerous! So there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel- I've already made two trips out of the country and have met the most wonderful women in my life! It is so beautiful... intelligent American men can now completely shut out American women entirely and cut them out like the cancer they are. Every year is going to get progressively worse for you in your relationships- you'll find like almost all American women, that men are simply turning their backs on you and walking away (or avoiding you altogether- the smartest thing to do) I would suggest a vibrator and a lot of cats. Have a nice day!